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Diversity and Inclusion

If you want to walk fast, you walk alone; if you want to walk far, you walk together – Ratan Tata In the era of tap and click, the world is getting smaller and easy to access to a lot of people. People know the GDPs of the country and other benefits if they move

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Be the better you each day at work!

Who am I? What is my purpose of being on this earth? How do I grow in my career? These are few questions what modern person thinks about. The answers for these questions are unfolded by some in their teen age and for some it takes more than 30-35years. There are some who never discover

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Le nouveau visage de la main-d’oeuvre québécoise

Serait-ce plus raisonnable  pour un employeur de considérer embaucher un candidat qui  vit à proximité de son lieu de travail ou serait-il préférable de prioriser celui qui sera considéré comme plus performant mais qui habite à plus ou moins 35km de l’emploi. Nous pouvons considérer chanceuse les organisations qui ont ce luxe de choisir parmi

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